In celebration of National Apple Month, the U.S. Apple Association has launched an October marketing campaign aimed at pairing apple varieties with consumers’ personalities.

AppletizeMe is a digital and traditional public relations campaign that seeks to boost consumption by matching consumers’ personality traits with their ideal apple varieties and food pairings, according to a news release from the Vienna, Va.-based association.

The campaign includes Facebook ads, Twitter parties and national public relations programs.

People who visit will be asked, “What’s Your Apple Personality?” Visitors then review a dozen types of personalities, each represented by illustrated apples.

If you’re highly social, for instance, you’re a gala, according to the association. Smart people are ginger golds, fitness fanatics fujis.

“It often takes something lighthearted yet catchy to get people to try something new,” Wendy Brannen, the association’s director of consumer health and public relations, said in the release. “The fun of AppletizeMe is that it encourages us to walk outside of our typical apple-buying habits to check out different varieties and how we can eat them.”

AppletizeMe also identifies pairings to accompany each apple personality, such as braeburns with Marzetti Peanut Butter Caramel Dip and chocolate chips, or ginger golds with California blue cheese and chopped California walnuts.

Consumers who share their apple personality on social media networks can enter for a chance to win prizes, including iTunes gift cards and two Apple iPads.