U.S. Apple probes shoppers’ minds through AppletizeMe campaignThe U.S. Apple Association wants to get inside shoppers’ heads and match them with apple varieties that reflect their personalities.

The second year of the Vienna, Va.-based association’s AppletizeMe.com social and digital campaign seeks to improve consumption through a nine-step personality quiz, new variety videos and other tactics to help consumers find their ideal apple varieties, according to a news release.

The campaign includes 18 brief videos that provide variety health, storage, and usage tips.

The quiz asks shoppers questions about their dream jobs and how they like to spend their evenings and attempts to match consumers’ personality traits with apples and food pairings, according to the release.

U.S. Apple probes shoppers’ minds through AppletizeMe campaignIt matches individuals to one of 18 personalities — up from last year’s 12 — including introvert, intellectual, girly girl and manly man and suggests their ideal variety, according to the release.

The website includes apple information, preparation and variety tips and research about apples’ health benefits.

Participants that share their apple personalities on social networks through Nov. 20 can enter to win weekly drawings of $400 Apple gift cards.

This year, Johnsonville Sausage and Roth Cheese joins campaign partners T. Marzetti Co. and the California Walnut Commission.