Leaders of the U.S. Apple Association are updating the group’s logo and launching a brand identity campaign designed to appeal to industry members and consumers alike.

Wendy Brannen, director of the Vienna, Va.-based association’s education program, said the group’s education and executive committees signed off on the new logo and branding campaign in time for the group’s biannual meeting March 21-22. The meeting is scheduled to follow the association’s annual Capitol Hill day on March 20.

“The old logo has been around for more than 10 years and has served us well during its lifetime,” Brannen said in a news release.

“Since it was developed, however, logo styles have changed and more importantly, the mediums where logos are utilized have changed — or did not even exist at the time (the old logo was designed).”

Brannen cited Facebook, Web banner advertising and other social media formats where the old logo was sometimes problematic.

“Our new (logo) is less cumbersome in modern media where the association name or even just an emblem representing it needs to be clearly recognizable at a smaller size,” Brannen said in the release.

The two-color logo features apple red and green apple shades, but Brannen said it works equally well in black and white formats. It is available in horizontal and vertical designs to provide better flexibility.

“It also takes into account target audience, with internal-facing and government affairs versions reading ‘USApple Association’ and external-facing versions simply reading, ‘USApples,’” Brennan said in the release.