With summer fruits front and center, the U.S. Apple Association wants to encourage consumers to focus on apples with a social media campaign seeking selfies of apple lovers.

The “Summer Selfie” campaign is set to run through Aug. 15 as the Vienna, Va.-based association hopes to capitalize on the Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 Word of the Year — selfie. The noun’s usage increased 17,000% from October 2012 to October 2013, according to the Oxford Dictionary blog.

“We’re going to use that to the apple industry’s advantage,” the association’s director of consumer health and public relations Wendy Brannen said in a news release. “We look forward to seeing our social channels filled with apple selfies, from apples in-hand on a long hike to warm and gooey in a fried pie to cocktails poolside.”

During the contest, consumers can post their apple-related self portraits to the U.S. Apple Association Facebook page. The association will choose at least one person’s photo each week as the winner of a prize from one of the association’s contest partners.

Partners include Brooks Tropicals, Dizzy Pig BBQ, Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken and Tajin, according to the release. The association’s partners are cross promoting the contest, further increasing its reach, Brannen said in the release.

The goal is for the selfies to show favorite recipes and other uses for fresh apples, including their convenient portability, Brannen said in the release. Apple lovers can follow the contest using #AppleSummerSelfie on social networks.

“The peak of summer has traditionally been a quieter time for U.S. Apple as our growers prepare for harvest,” Brannen said in the release.

“This year, we decided to change that by reaching out to apple lovers where they are most likely to be found this time of year — on the go and using their mobile devices — and remind them in a fun way that apples’ portability makes them the ideal fruit for summertime adventure.”