U.S. cranberry production is predicted to fall 4% in 2014, because of lower production in industry leader Wisconsin.

About 8.6 million barrels are expected this year, according to the annual U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service forecast.

Growers in Wisconsin reported lower yields than last year, according to the report. Some producers reported small berries due to cool weather, and a hail storm in late July also caused damage.

In Massachusetts, reports were mixed. Some growers expected above-average yields due to good pollination, excellent weather and very little rot. Others reported lower production due to heat stress.

Oregon and Washington growers were expecting higher yields due to good weather.

Production is expected to be up in all major-producing states except Wisconsin.

Wisconsin should produce about 5.39 million barrels, Massachusetts 2.07 million barrels, New Jersey 558,000 barrels, Oregon 395,000 barrels and Washington 162,000 barrels.