Eagle Eye Produce Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho, was named one of two U.S. Department of Agriculture 2011 U.S. Exporters of the Year for its work in developing potato and yellow onion markets in Mexico.

The other recipient was Caymus Vineyards, Rutherford, Calif., according to a news release.

During the past four years, Eagle Eye Produce has marketed yellow onions in Mexico although consumers have a cultural preference for white onions in their traditional cuisine.

The company succeeded by inviting Mexican buyers to the Northwest through a reverse trade mission that helped eliminate cultural barriers, according to a USDA blog.

During harvest, Mexican buyers visited Eagle Eye Produce to learn of its products first hand.

The experience gave them a greater understanding and confidence in the products and in the firm’s ability to deliver what Mexican customers prefer.

The Exporter of the Year award, presented by the USDA’s Agricultural Trade Office in Mexico City, is a new effort intended to highlight the successes U.S. companies have had in developing Mexican markets, according to the release.