Urban Barns Foods Inc. generated gross proceeds of $500,000 from private placement financing and plans to move forward with its launch of its commercial, trademarked Cubic Farming operation in Mirabel, Quebec.

The company expects to begin growing several varieties of lettuce, micro greens and herbs within 30 days of the April 28 news release that described the financing success.

Phase 1 of the project is nearly complete. It includes 10 growing machines and three research and development machines to be used at the McGill University project site, according to the release.

In the role of head of logistics and cubic farm operations, Robyn Jackson is already working on the project, according to the release. He will soon be joined by Jo-Ann Ostermann as head of compliance, government relations and general manager of the Mirabel, Quebec, facility.

Urban Barns Foods Inc. uses patent-pending proprietary equipment to produce fresh vegetables in secure and controlled indoor environments. Goals include supplying fresh produce regardless of seasons and with reduced shipping distances and times, according to the news release.