BERLIN — The “City Farming” system offers greenhouse growers a way to produce a lot of food fast, or slowly, if the situation calls for it.

The custom greenhouses with specialized LED lighting technology from the Staay Food Group, The Netherlands, earned the 2013 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. The lighting allows seeds to be cultivated into young plants within 35 days, without pesticide.

Second place in this year’s innovation award went to “Apfel-Schiffchen,” a freeze-dried apple slice developed by Elbe-Obst Vertriebs GmbH, Germany. The company’s innovative drying technique was recognized for its ability to produce a crisper product with less browning.

Third prize was awarded to United Kingdom-based Tozer Seeds Ltd., for it “Flower Sprout,” kale-Brussels sprout cross with green and purple leaves.

The Innovation Awards finalists are judged by Fruit Logistica attendees, following a submission process which is narrowed down by a select jury of industry experts, said Robert Broadfoot, general manager of Fruchtandel magazine, which sponsors the award with Fruit Logistica.