The U.S. Department of Agriculture is forecasting additional declines for this year’s Florida citrus crop.

In its report, forecasters said they expected this season’s valencia crop to drop 1 million equivalent cartons from its previous month’s estimate.

The decline lowers the state’s 2013 orange crop to 141 million boxes, down less than 1% from the previous 142 million carton estimate.

Valencias declined from the USDA’s January estimate from 76 million cartons to 75 million boxes.

Early and mid-season varieties remained unchanged at 66 million boxes while grapefruit production is also expected to remain unchanged at 18 million boxes.

Tangerines and tangelos each decreased 100,000 boxes.

The predicted 141 million box orange crop compares to the recent five-year average of 152 million cartons and 175 million cartons seen in the early 2000s.

About 95% of the state’s oranges ship to processed channels while grapefruit and tangerines see considerable percentage shipping fresh.