Videojet Technologies Inc. is offering new print-and-apply labeling features with the introduction of its Videojet 9550 LPA system.

Its design targets the downtime that can result from label jams or routine manual adjustments.

Videojet labeler targets downtime“The 9550 with Direct Apply places the label onto the pack without the need for a tamp or air blast applicator, achieving throughput of up to 150 packs per minute for typical 4-by-6-inch GS1 barcode labels,” Ondrej Kruk, global business unit manager for Dale, Ill.-based Videojet, said in a news release.

The technology’s direct drive system feeds and places labels without the use of manual adjustments, clutches or nip rollers. Only two operator touches are now required to manage job selection and web changeover. A collapsible mandrel aims to ensure quick label changes.

The Videojet 9550 incorporates Intelligent Motion technology, allowing for precise control of the machine’s elements and cutting out manual adjustments, according to the company. Its print engine also uses the technology for ribbon feed and print head control. The ribbon drive has no clutch.

The 9550 comes with Videojet’s Clarity touch screen interface which includes job selection, feedback and diagnostics to minimize human error.

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