Vision Produce Co. is participating in the Tour de Fresh cycling event to help raise funds for school salad bars before the Produce Marketing Association Fresh Summit trade show in October in Anaheim, Calif.

George Uribe, a sales manager of the River Edge, N.J., Vision Import Group, an affiliate of the Los Angeles-based Vision, plans to be one of the 40 fresh produce riders, according to a news release.

A Columbia native, Uribe use to watch cyclists as a child but found the sport wasn’t as popular in the U.S. when he and his dad moved to the borough of Queens in New York but began riding more as a young adult, according to the release.

“In 2007, married a few years and a bit heavier in weight than … I was years past, I went out on an early ride and after a short 20 miles began to feel tightness in my chest, something very unusual and uncomfortable that I had never felt before,” he said in the release. “Even after getting to the hospital, I was not sure anything was too wrong until tests quickly proved otherwise. I remember the horrible experience being told by the doctor that I was having a heart attack.”

Vision Produce salesman plans to ride in Tour de FreshUribe is riding more comfortably than he has in a long time and now has three stents, a defibrillator and a new titanium hip, according to the release.

Vision is a year-round importer of limes, lemons, mangoes, pineapples and carrots from Mexico, Central America and South America. It also handles clementines seasonally.

Cyclists plan to ride 275 miles from Carmel, Calif., to Anaheim, Oct. 13-16.

The PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo is Oct. 17-19.