Wada Farms’ new eco-friendly bag made from potatoesA new potato bag from Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC has potatoes on the outside as well as on the inside.

Idaho Falls, Idaho-based Wada’s Tater Made eco-friendly bag is made in part from potato starches that have been converted into pellets, said Chris Wada, the company’s director of marketing and export programs.

Up to 25% of each bag is made from spuds, and the bag is 100% recyclable, Wada said.

“We’re always looking for a way to bring value to the customer, and this helps retailers meet their sustainability objectives. So far we’ve gotten good feedback and support.”

The bags, set to hit retail shelves in mid-October, will be used to pack potatoes under the Wada label and other labels, including store brands, Wada said.

Initially, Tater Made bags will hold five pounds of Idaho russets only. But the company has plans to extend the line to include 10-pound bags and other varieties, Wada said.

The bag also could earn “biodegradable” status. The potential use of that term is pending, Wada said.