LAS VEGAS — Weber Packaging Solutions Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill., used Pack Expo to introduce a new printer applicator scheduled to come out in early 2012.

Mike Soloway, labeling systems product manager for the company, showed how the applicator would work on strawberry clamshells Sept. 26 on the expo floor.

Weber Packaging Solutions previews printer applicator“We don’t make direct contact with the product. The label feeds out onto the pad and is held in place with vacuum,” he said. “As the photo eye is triggered, the thruster moves down to within a quarter-inch of the product or so then we blow the label the rest of the way so we don’t interfere with the product flow.”

The machine, more efficient and cost effective than its predecessor, also has a couple of other added advantages. It can print narrow or broad labels and is more user-friendly, Soloway said. Operators can switch pads for different label sizes quickly and easily, and a zero-downtime feature is included.