Wegmans Food Markets has discontinued a price-freezing program it introduced two years ago.

Creditng an improving economy, the Rochester, N.Y.-based retail chain has eliminated its Seasonal Price Freeze program. Mary Ellen Burris, Wegmans’ senior vice president for consumer affairs, announced the news on a company blog Sept. 2.

“We announced a Seasonal Price Freeze list when the country was slipping into deep recession,” Burris wrote. “It proved reassuring to consumers who needed some predictability in their lives. Now there is some improvement in the economy, although not to the degree we’d all like.”

Wegmans has replaced the price freeze with a new program, Seasonal Family Favorites, according to Burris. The company will continue to emphasize its Club Pack pricing program, which has kept prices on many items unchanged for several years.

Wegmans Club Pack bananas, for instance, have been 49 cents per pound for the past four years, Burris wrote.

Items included in the freeze program were baby carrots, bagged salads, red bell peppers, oranges, grapes, cucumbers and grape tomatoes.