SAN DIEGO — Walter Robb, co-chief executive officer for Whole Foods, said the produce industry has the right product at the right time.

Robb was opening general session speaker May 15 at the United Fresh 2013 convention in San Diego. He said he can’t understand why fresh produce consumption isn’t growing because it’s the remedy for so many of society’s health problems.

He said “Produce is our calling card at Whole Foods,” and he claimed partial credit for the growing popularity of kale, as Whole Foods has promoted the leafy green for several years because of its nutrient density.

Robb oversees Whole Foods’ purchasing, marketing, distribution and quality standards. He joined the company more than 20 years ago and rose to his current title in 2010.

He said one trend his company is keeping an eye on is home delivery.

“We have a more interconnected world,” he said. Whole Foods needs to find a way to better integrate online shopping with its bricks-and-mortar world.