Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market Inc. is expanding its horizons with new neighborhoods and a broadened demographic with new store openings and planned expansions.

The retailer previously said it plans to triple its store count over the next several years, topping 1,000 locations.

The company opened a store in Detroit in early June, and is building a new location in New Orleans in an underserved neighborhood, according to Walter Robb, co-chief executive officer, who gave a keynote address at the United Fresh Produce Association convention in San Diego in May.

An opinion article in The Washington Post points to broadened demographics with a new store expected in the Washington, D.C., area. The article said the proposed location, in Prince George County, Maryland, has a lower percentage of residents with at least a four-year college degree within three miles than existing stores, among other demographic differences from current Whole Foods store locations.

“All of these signs point to an organization that feels confident in a consumer adoption that is no longer niche,” the article said, “ but has gained a more broad-based mass consumer acceptance.”