Fresno, Calif.-based Fresh Cut Fruits plans to expand its product line in July by introducing fresh-cut pears under the Woot Froot label, along with de-stemmed grapes and multipack snack bag assortments.

The sliced pears will be available in 20-ounce trays, 14-ounce bags or 3-ounce individual bags and have a 21-day shelf life, according to a news release. The July shipments to retail coincide with the California pear season. Availability is expected year-round.

Red de-stemmed grapes and a portion packed fruit medley with grapes, pears and apples will be available. Woot Froot products also include sliced peaches and nectarines.

“The development and understanding of the challenges of processing stone fruit provided a great deal of insight into other items including pears, which have their own demands,” Kim Gaarde, president of Fresh Fruit Cuts, said in the release. “We are now able to produce items that others are working on, but have not yet mastered based on our unique processing knowledge.”