Minneapolis-based instrument manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific has added inspection capabilities and enhanced detection to its NextGuard X-ray system.

With new, easily customizable vision software, the equipment is able to inspect packaged products for missing pieces or components.

It also is able to perform a wide range of size, position and count inspections without the X-ray vendor having to create new software for each application, according to a news release.

“We anticipate that this feature will reduce time/cost for the customer, enabling them to quickly and easily experiment with different inspection algorithms on their own,” Bob Ries, lead product manager, metal detection and X-ray inspection, said in the release.

Users simply pull down a menu to select and sequence image processing and analysis algorithms.

Several algorithms have been added that help detect less-dense contaminants, such as glass or rocks, in complex textured products including nuts.

Optional mass estimate software uses density information in the X-ray image to estimate weight and detect under or over filled products.

Users also can configure the system for dual rejection, separating contaminated products from other quality errors.

In addition to software upgrades, the system also features hardware improvements.

The standard system processor is now six times faster than the first-generation NextGuard.