XRS Corp., is launching a trip management system to help add insight into customer’s routes, improve on-time delivery and increase driver productivity.

The Cincinnati-based fleet systems software provider’s TRP program also provides real-time operations information and can offer insights into customer service issues, according to a news release.

The service helps fleets manage the productivity and efficiency of their drivers and equipment through a single application that monitors trips and routes via “planned vs. actual” reporting, according to the release.

Companies can view fleets’ deviations from planned routes and accurately project updated estimated times of arrivals.

Through smartphones, tablets or handheld equipment, drivers can easily watch how their routes and activities progress through the day, according to the release.

“As a leading provider to more than 70% of the top food distribution companies in North America, we understand customer service and on-time delivery is paramount,” Jon Van Winkle, XRS’ vice president of product management, said in the release. “We built TRP to give fleets the data they need to enhance driver productivity, maximize asset utilization, slash costs and deliver when expected.”