New software from Xata Corp. allows fleet operators to integrate existing driver-productivity applications without proprietary restrictions of other electronic on-board recorder systems, according to the San Diego-based company.

Xata officials unveiled the new application at the CTIA Enterprise and Application Convention in San Diego recently.

Called ComplianceConnect, the fleet optimization software makes it possible to install and operate Xata Turnpike along with existing driver/truck monitoring software so fleet operators can automatically collect a variety of vehicle and driver data, according to a company news release.

Fleets can use ComplianceConnect to integrate Xata Turnpike with Airclic, Apacheta and more than 35 additional dispatch, routing, proof-of-delivery and other third-party mobile applications.

Xata Turnpike will work with applications on cell phones, smartphones and tablet computers. It has a two-way mobile application interface and allows managers to track a driver’s hours-of-service information, speed, idle time, routes and arrival and departure times. Driver vehicle inspection reports, hard-braking incidents and engine fault codes are also logged and tracked.

The new software from Xata also interfaces with Airclic mobile supply-chain software products. Mike Lee, chief executive of Trevose, Pa.-based Airclic, said in the release that clients can increase the accuracy and efficiency of their fleets and reduce costs by using the two companies’ applications together.