StePac Ltd. is trumpeting the success its Xtend-branded modified atmosphere and modified humidity packaging for cantaloupe and galia melons.

Xtend packaging celebrates nearly 20 yearsIn a news release, the Tefen, Israel-based StePac recounts the 20-year history of the shelf-life extender.

Xtend conducted preliminary development of packaging for the melons in Israel and then validated its effectiveness in numerous North American semi-commercial trials, according to the release.

The first real breakthrough in commercial use of the melon packaging came in Brazil in 1997. In the 1990s, Mossoro, Brazil, region melon growers only supplied melons to the local market.

Research aided the growers in producing packaging that would help transport the melons via boat to Europe, according to the release.

The process improved arrival quality which helped expand the Brazilian export market and the success was soon replicated in Central America, according to the release.

The patented Xtend modified atmosphere/modified humidity packaging slows respiration and inhibits ethylene action and decay, according to the release.