Yerecic Label, New Kensington, Pa., is enticing consumers to use produce in slow cookers with new labeling. As temperatures cool and consumers move cooking indoors, Yerecic hopes to capitalize on the resurging popularity of slow cookers and crockpots, according to a news release.

“According to a NPD study, over 83% of Americans have at least one slow cooker at home already,” said Rich Thoma, vice president of sales and marketing at Yerecic. “Slow cooking is a great way to pull all of the delicious flavor from produce items while keeping dinner easy, healthy and affordable.”

The new sticker itself is shaped like a crockpot, and consists of multiple layers. The outside grabs consumer attention with sparkling ink effects, and reads, “Great for the slow cooker.” The inside also peels open to reveal quick-response codes for recipes, and other general tips for incorporating fresh produce into slow cooking.