YottaMark Inc. has updated its ShopWell mobile application.

The updated version now includes “ShopWell missions” that invite users to provide feedback on products they have scanned in exchange for instant rewards, according to a news release from Redwood City, Calif.-based YottaMark.

The ShopWell app, downloaded more than a million times, is designed to help shoppers make informed decisions about the food they eat, according to the release.

Consumers, at home or in retail stores, can use the app to scan a food item’s bar code to retrieve nutrition information and determine if the food matches their dietary profile. Questions about flavor, shelf life, packaging, customer satisfaction, or what’s driving repurchase can be directed to specific groups of shoppers, according to the release.

“Over the last two years we experimented with collecting opinions about food from shoppers — and found not only extremely high interest from consumers, but also an incredibly rich source of valuable new data for brand owners,” YottaMark founder Elliott Grant said in the release. “With our launch of ShopWell Insights, a marketer can now determine which characteristics drive preference and repeat purchase among a very specific group of shoppers.”

Grant said the application’s developers have made it easy for brands to listen to shoppers and glean insight from them on food products, whether those items are from the produce department or center store.

Grant said the ShopWell app makes it simple for produce marketers to segment shoppers with specific dietary goals and give them instant rewards for their feedback. The app also can help spot new consumer trends by crowd sourcing opinions, he said.