VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Adrian Abbott recommends anyone who’s asked to chair the Canadian Produce Marketing Association should take it.

Perhaps he doesn’t realize it takes a special person to be asked. Likewise, it takes a special person to be named The Packer’s Canadian Produce Man of the Year.

Adrian Abbott named The Packer’s Canadian Man of the Year

Pamela Riemenschneider

Adrian Abbott celebrates after garnering The Packer’s Canadian Produce Man of the Year honors May 14.

Abbott, marketing services manager for BC Tree Fruits Ltd., Kelowna, received the award from The Packer’s publisher Shannon Shuman May 14 at CPMA’s annual convention in Vancouver.

Abbott was honored for the award for his eight years spent in CPMA leadership, in addition to this past year as chairman, but also for his work on CPMA’s new consumption education program, Fruits and Veggies -- Mix it Up!, the successor to 5 to 10 a Day.

Shuman described Abbott as a businessman who is driven by three pillars: family, fairness and open communication. He said Abbott’s peers described him as warm, welcoming, humorous, good listener, diplomatic and having a heard of gold.

Upon receiving the award, Abbott said being chairman of CPMA was a tremendous experience.

“It’s not a one-man show,” he said. “You need support,” so he credits both his company and CPMA staff for his successful year as chairman.