Matchmaking isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, as far as the Mexican Protected Horticulture Association is concerned.

The association is launching a program to smooth out the kinks in the supply chain and better match its grower members with potential marketers and retailers, according to a news release from its U.S. office in Nogales, Ariz. The goal of the program is to provide enough detailed information about the various parties involved so that long-lasting business relationships can be more easily formed.

“It can solve significant problems for the supply chain. Our process for vetting growers and marketers is similar to the neural networking programs used by Web-based industries such as real estate and dating sites,” AMHPAC chief executive officer Eric Viramontes said in the news release.

One anticipated benefit will be the program’s ability to help growers and marketers save time, especially when dealing with multiple commodities. Viramontes said that will translate into more profit for all involved.

“It’s no longer just about being able to supply a customer with one commodity for one season,” he said.

The AMHPAC is a nonprofit organization representing about 260 companies related to the production, packing, distribution and trading of fresh vegetables produced from greenhouses, net shadowing and macro tunnels in Mexico.