(Oct. 5) Apio Inc., Guadalupe, Calif., has changed the look of its fresh-cut vegetable packaging and created a new Eat Smart logo.

Consumers who evaluated the logo said they liked the modern new look, said Cecilia Paredes, senior marketing manager.

The new logo will appear on all of Apio’s Eat Smart fresh-cut vegetables by the end of October, Paredes said.

It “was planned swiftly so that all Eat Smart items would transition in a quick and uniform manner to minimize the impact on retailers,” Paredes said.

The new logo joins a BreathWay tag on Apio’s packaging. In March, BreathWay replaced the name Intellipac as the appellation for the packaging technology that Apio uses.

Apio conducted consumer studies for a year to find out what appealed to them in packaging for fresh-cut vegetables before making any logo changes.

“The first focus groups were conducted in June of 2004 and were ongoing nationwide until May of 2005,” Paredes said.

Apio’s research was carried out internally with the help of TrueBrand LLC, San Francisco.

“We wanted to capture the fun and freshness aspects of produce that were echoed by our consumers in the focus groups,” Paredes said. “We wanted to get away from an obligatory attitude toward eating fresh vegetables and focus more on the color, variety and health benefits that are derived from including them as part of a healthy lifestyle.”