(July 1) GUADALUPE, Calif. — After successfully using stickers to alert carb-conscious consumers to the benefits of broccoli and cauliflower florets last fall, Apio Inc. is introducing its first low-carbohydrate vegetable tray this summer.

The 19-ounce product is called the Eat Smart Carb Count Mini Veggie Tray, and it contains celery, carrots, broccoli and the newly introduced Litehouse Dressings One Carb Plus ranch dip. Each 4-ounce serving of vegetables and dip gives consumers only six grams of carbohydrates.

“The newly designed tray is clear, so consumers can see the vegetables from all sides,” said Cecilia Paredes, senior marketing manager. “Most consumers prefer to see the quality of the product before they buy it.”

The tray has a suggested retail price of $4.99-5.99, Paredes said.

The tray is 11 inches long by 7½ inches wide and 1¾ inches deep and ships in a four-count case. It is available year-round.
Apio began shipping the new trays June 21 nationwide.

This is the second time Apio has targeted the carb-conscious. Last fall Apio put stickers on its 12-ounce packages of broccoli florets and broccoli and cauliflower florets letting consumers know that the products were a “Smart option for low-carb diets.”

Retailers can expect to see the slogan in some package graphics by the end of summer, Paredes said.