(Sept. 26) SALINAS, Calif. — Fresh Express is taking salad blends a step further with a new line of premium blends that include cranberries, walnuts, almonds and shredded Parmesan and Romano cheese.

In fact, Fresh Express is calling the new line of three salads Premium Salad Blends — Everything but the Dressing.

The blends include:

  • A 4.5-ounce bag of spring mix with cranberries and walnuts.

  • A 5.5-ounce bag of baby spinach salad with almonds and cranberries.

  • An 8.75-ounce bag of romaine and radicchio salad with Parmesan, Romano and garlic croutons.

The blends have a suggested retail price ranging from $3.29-3.79 and are available nationwide.

The new blends are an update of Fresh Express’ most popular bagged salads that include extra flavors, textures and crunch. Toppings are individually packaged within the bags to ensure that they remain either moist or crisp counterpoints to the greens.

Christine Keller, a marketing executive for Fresh Express, said convenience, nutrition, freshness and flavor are the major drivers of the continuing growth of packaged salads and blends.

“The product is in step with the company’s commitment to remain ahead of the demand curve by satisfying consumers’ desires for an upscale, fast and easy gourmet salad experience at home,” Keller said in a news release.