(Sept. 9, 11:27 a.m.) The Jolly Green Giant is getting even bigger. The giant’s logo now covers the top third of packages in the Green Giant Fresh line.

Eden Prairie, Minn.-based The Sholl Group II, which markets fresh produce under the Green Giant label, decided to increase the size of the Green Giant because the brand is recognized by 96% of consumers, senior vice president Darci Eckermann said in a news release.

“It is synonymous in consumers’ minds with quality, freshness and trust,” she said.

The new packaging affects Green Giant Fresh Steam Line, Green Giant Fresh Stir-Fries, Green Giant Fresh Cut Vegetables and Green Giant Fresh-branded fruits and vegetables.

The Sholl Group II said in its release that more than 30 million cases of Green Giant Fresh-branded products were sold in 2007.

Bigger Green Giant reflects brand’s popularity
Green Giant Fresh-branded products such as Vegetable Medley from the Green Giant Fresh Steam Line have new packaging (image on right) featuring a much larger Jolly Green Giant logo.

Courtesy The Sholl Group II