(Sept. 24) SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Bonipak Produce Co. will exhibit three new products at its first booth at the Produce Marketing Association convention in October.

First is a package of cut and washed cilantro for retail use. Bonipak has been successful offering the cilantro to foodservice, and now it has developed a retail-friendly package, said Mitch Ardantz, director of sales and marketing.

The cilantro will come in 8-ounce bags, which is equivalent to three bunches. Bonipak will sell it in cartons of 12 bags.

Bonipak also will showcase its new romaine hearts, which come in three-count bags and a 48-count foodservice pack.

“It’s not new to the industry, but it’s a new push for us,” Ardantz said. “It’s a growing item for us, and we want to get our brand recognized.”

Bonipak also will showcase its iceless broccoli. The company has a new microperforated bag that helps protect shelf life of the broccoli.