(Dec. 28) Boston Market Corp. is going for the gut with its new promotion to help diners get healthy.

The Golden, Colo.-based fast-casual chain launched its new Web site, www.gutcheckchallenge.com, Dec. 27.

The Gut Check Challenge encourages participants to walk an additional 30 minutes a day, make more healthful food choices and plan meals ahead of time. Participants keep track of progress by keeping tabs on their waistline for 100 days.

The timing of the launch wasn’t accidental, said Heather Buffington, a Boston Market spokeswoman.

“Health and overhauling eating habits is so top of mind with consumers this time of year,” Buffington said. “We wanted to get that out in advance of consumers thinking along that way.”

The site recommends healthful choices from Boston Market’s menu, emphasizing fruits and vegetables as side dishes. Some of the recommendations include:

  • sweet corn;

  • green beans;

  • garlic dill new potatoes;

  • butternut squash;

  • caesar salad;

  • chop salad;

  • cinnamon apples;

  • fresh steamed vegetables; and

  • fruit salad.

Boston Market provides nutritional information on all of its dishes on its Web site, www.bostonmarket.com. The new site is designed to help customers make educated choices about the food they eat, Buffington said.