(Oct. 4) HOMESTEAD, Fla. — After only about 10 months in his first produce job, the vice president of marketing for Brooks Tropicals Inc. was to become the company’s first senior vice president.

Frans Boetes, who was managing director of Coca-Cola in The Netherlands before he joined Brooks, made the switch to senior vice president of marketing and sales Oct. 1.

Boetes, 60, said the position would entail more leadership responsibility. He said he would be in charge of the company’s sales office, buying office, trucking operations and marketing department.

In his previous position, Boetes handled public relations and advertising. He also worked with merchandisers and developed marketing plans.

Boetes said those roles would not change, however, he said someone at the company would focus additional attention on marketing. Brooks Tropicals has no immediate plans to fill Boetes’ previous position, he said.

The company’s chief executive officer, Craig Wheeling, lured Boetes out of retirement when he persuaded him to join Brooks in December. The two had become acquainted at the Miami-Dade Historical Maritime Museum, which Boetes founded.

“We’ve been very lucky to have hired Frans,” Wheeling said. “He’s brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our operations. We’re looking forward to integrating sales and marketing, the two departments, under his leadership.”

Brooks Tropicals promotes Boetes