(Aug. 8) ST. LOUIS — Stanley Greenspan, for 25 years associated with St. Louis-based United Fruit & Produce Co. Inc., has taken a position with Proffer Wholesale Produce Inc., Park Hills, Mo.

Greenspan, a major buyer for United but not an employee, left the company in late July and started with Proffer the week of July 31. Proffer is about 65 miles south of St. Louis, Greenspan said.

The 66-year old said he took the position of president of buying with Proffer after initially thinking he was ready to retire.

“They asked me if I would come to work and I said no, but after everything was said and done I took the offer,” he said. Greenspan said he would be doing buying, merchandising, retail accounts and some traveling for Proffer.

Greenspan will work out of his St. Louis downtown condominium four days a week and travel to Proffer’s facilities once a week, he said.

He said that his time at United was a learning and growing experience, and Proffer will be a new challenge. He expects to be on the St. Louis Produce Market every day.

“You want to move on and create something new. At United we started with three units and became one of the major wholesalers in the city, and we can grow here too,” he said.

United’s president, Charlie Gallagher Sr., said Greenspan’s time at United was valued.

“We wish him well and hope that Proffer has the same success we had,” he said.