(Dec. 8) Speaking to a group of more than 800 California farmers and ranchers, Gov. Schwarzenegger said Dec. 6 he’ll continue to promote California agriculture products internationally, but he needs the support of the state to invest in transportation and infrastructure projects to help the movement of goods to market.

The governor’s address was part of the California Farm Bureau Federation’s 87th annual meeting Dec. 4-7 at the Portola Plaza Hotel, Monterey.

The meeting also marked the beginning of a new presidency of the Sacramento-based bureau.

Doug Mosebar, a Santa Ynez cattle rancher and farmer of hay, squash, flowers and pumpkins, became the bureau’s 14th president by a unanimous vote Dec. 7.

He succeeds Bill Pauli, a wine grape and pear grower in Potter Valley, who served the maximum four two-year terms as president.

Farm Bureau delegates also elected Paul Wenger, Modesto, as its first vice president and Kenny Watkins, Linden, as its second vice president.

Entering his term as president, Mosebar stressed the need to build and maintain relationships with elected officials.

The list of issues facing farmers and ranchers can become shorter if the group works to educate and tell its story to elected representatives, Mosebar said.