(June 25, 6:25 p.m.) Karla Stockli, who had been vice president of marketing for the California Raisin Marketing Board, Fresno, Calif., is the new general manager of the Fresno-based California Fig Advisory board. She assumed the post June 23.

Stockli will help marketing director Denise Junqueiro fill the void left by Richard Matoian, who left the board May 1 to become executive director of the Western Pistachio Association, Fresno.

Stockli’s arrival is simultaneous with an upswing in the sales of fresh figs and dried figs from California, which is home to more than 95% of the domestic fig orchards.

“Demand is absolutely exceeding supply,” Stockli said.

As a result, fig orchard acreage is increasing in California for the first time in decades, a trend she said she expects to continue.

“We’re in a position where we’re going to have to respond to the increased demand the growers have created,” Stockli said. “We’re going to see more fig orchards being planted.”

A San Joaquin Valley native, Stockli has been involved in the agriculture industry since her graduation from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, with degrees in agriculture business and dairy science.

During her tenure at the raisin board, Stockli held several positions, including director of marketing, director of public relations and marketing manager, before her promotion in 2003 to vice president of marketing.

Previously, she was national foodservice marketing manager for the National Pork Board, Des Moines, Iowa, and national sales manager for a juice concentrate company.

“Ms. Stockli’s comprehensive knowledge of the dried fruit industry and state marketing orders makes her a natural fit for the general manager’s position,” Mike Emigh, chairman of the California Fig Advisory Board, said in a news release.

California fig board fills general manager post
Karla Stockli