(Jan. 26, 12:08 p.m.) What better time for organics to make a big promotional push than Earth Day?

With that in mind, Cameo apple growers are encouraging consumers to try their organic apples on Earth Day, April 22.

Kevin Precht, marketing program director at Cameo Apple Marketing Association, Wenatchee, Wash., said in a news release that an Earth Day organic Cameo apple promotion can help retailers reach out to organic consumers who might be favoring alternative-format stores.

“Organic Cameo apples are growing in popularity not only because of their benefits for the earth and for consumers’ health, but also as a result of their widespread availability to mainstream retailers,” Precht said in a news release. “Organic Cameos also support those retailers, because organic Cameos supplement the shortage of organic apples late in the season.”

Point-of-purchase materials invite consumers to support Earth Day’s worldwide grass roots movement, according to the release.

Learn more about Cameo’s organic apples at www.americancameo.com.

Cameo apple marketers seek Earth day boost
The Cameo Apple Marketing Association offers point-of-sale materials for its Earth Day promotion.

Courtesy Cameo Apple Marketing Association