(July 22) Consumers in Canada can no longer complain about the size of watermelon.

Thanks to The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, they now have the option to buy square watermelon from Japan, which fit nicely in refrigerators.

Early this month, Oppenheimer received its first air shipment of 50 pricey square watermelons from Japan.

John Anderson, president, chairman and chief executive officer at Oppenheimer, said in a news release that the company’s ability to get the square watermelons was a direct result of its 115-year relationship with the Japan Fruit Growers Cooperative Association.


“It is a distinct honor and a sign of real trust that we have been chosen this summer as the exclusive marketers of square watermelons for North America,” Anderson said.

The watermelon hit the produce department shelves of Urban Fare Market stores in Vancouver and Edmonton, Alberta, starting July 10.


In Japan, the watermelon retails for about $82. Urban Fare Market stores were selling the square watermelon for $99 Canadian, or about $65.

The watermelons, which grow into a square shape because they are placed in a glass case for about 20 days during their growth cycle, are a seeded variety and grow to about 19 cubic centimeters before being removed from the glass. They are packed two per carton with each one individually placed in a white corrugated box and surrounded by shredded plastic for extra protection during shipping.

Karin Gardner, communications manager at Oppenheimer, said the company would evaluate the success of the square watermelons, and if consumer demand was good, Oppenheimer would work on carrying the square watermelons in the future.