(Aug. 28) GATINEAU, Quebec — Consuming fruits and vegetables may be presumed to fight cancer.

But because of the difficulty in patenting produce items, there is little private research on anti-cancer capabilities in produce.

That fact makes the work of Dr. Richard Beliveau all the more important.

“There is a crucial link between nutrition and cancer, which has led to the emerging treatment of nutritherapy,” said Beliveau, co-author of the best-seller “Foods that Fight Cancer,” at the Aug. 19 annual meeting of the Quebec Produce Marketing Association.

For instance, cabbage can fight brain cancer, and oyster mushrooms battle breast cancer, he said.

But dangerous eating habits persist, he notes, pointing to the 950 million visits Canadians made to McDonald’s last year.

Doing its part to instill healthful eating habits, QPMA will continue its “I love 5 to 10 a Day” campaign, with billboards and retail participation, said Sophie Perreault, executive director of the association.