(Feb. 18, 10:40 a.m.) California Certified Organic Farmers is boosting its marketing efforts with an improved annual directory, a new information folder and a restructured marketing team.

The Santa Cruz-based organic certifier’s 2009 Organic Directory has 200 more certified organic suppliers on its list than it did last year, as well as an expanded resource section at the beginning of the book.

“We’ve improved the intro pages with much more information for consumers,” said Jane Baker, director of sales and marketing. “We tell them why buy organic, how to read organic labeling, and where they can get it.”

The organization also redesigned its directory so users can search for certified operations by name, location, or category, such as crops, products, processed goods or services.

The directory is distributed at conventions and trade shows, Baker said, and is also available at CCOF’s Web site, www.ccof.org, as a print or electronic version.

Also for distribution at trade shows and conventions, the organization put together a new information folder for companies that are interested in going organic.

“This was a new project,” Baker said. “We always had an information booklet, but we thought it was time to provide a more interesting piece with more color that clearly explains the six steps to certification.”

The folder was one of the first big projects for Baker and Bridgett McGrath, marketing specialist. Baker was promoted from marketing specialist to director of sales and marketing when Viella Shipley left the company in August. McGrath was originally an intern at CCOF, then worked for Albert’s Organics, Bridgeport, N.J., before coming back to CCOF to succeed Baker in October.