(May 25) After the departure of founder Anthony Totta, Market Fresh Produce LLC has relocated its headquarters, and another industry veteran at the company, Jim Richter, is poised to head up an as yet unnamed venture related to Market Fresh.

Totta, a Midwestern retail and produce sales veteran, said May 23 that he left the produce marketing and sales organization to become a consultant to grower-shippers. Through his new company, Grow My Profits LLC, Totta said he’d help identify outlets for growers before they plant a crop.

Richter, Market Fresh’s vice president of business development, left for a Market Fresh-related position.

Totta, who owned a third of the company, left Market Fresh in January. The company closed its Lee’s Summit, Mo., headquarters and relocated it to Springfield, Mo., where managing partner Steven Phipps was working.

Totta said he is in the process of negotiating the sale his part of the company, which he founded in 1998. Phipps, who became managing member in November, joined in 2005.

Totta said he took December and January off to do what he called some soul-searching, when he determined his passion was in marketing produce for grower-shippers as opposed to Market Fresh’s sale of branded produce.

“Market Fresh had staffed up and had an adequate sales staff to move forward with the company,” Totta said. “I’m specializing in what I’m doing.”

Phipps characterized the break as amicable.

“He (Totta) has been more comfortable working in a one-man environment,” Phipps said. “He likes consulting and working in his home alone. He’s more suited to that culture. We’ve had very accelerated growth, and the direction we were going didn’t exactly fit the direction he wanted to go.”

Phipps and outside partner Jim Cipriano, owner of Boston-based potato packer Arrow Farms Inc., now each own half of the company.