(June 19) SALINAS, Calif. — As federal prosecutors busied themselves indicting Martha Stewart, she was busy helping a Salinas produce company spread the word about packaged salads and a nutty-flavored, spinach-like product called mache.

Epic Roots LLC founder and chef Todd Koons helped Stewart film segments on preparing mache, greens and romaine for her show. They filmed the segments June 5, the day after she was indicted.

The show featuring Koons will air July 14 on CBS. In most markets, Stewart's show appears at 9 a.m., just after the morning news show.

The show also will feature a segment about growing, harvesting and packaging mache. To film it, Stewart’s producers sent a crew to Salinas in early June, where they spent a 14-hour day tracing the production of mache, said Isaac Cronin, a spokesman for Epic Roots.

They distilled the tape of the day’s activities to a seven-minute feature.

All told, Koons, mache and salad will be featured in three segments totaling 21-22 minutes of Stewart’s July 14 show.

Stewart, who has grown mache in her back yard for 30 years, decided to feature Koons because she loves mache and because she respects his efforts in food and salad, Cronin said.

Koons cooked at Chez Panisse for several years and also helped propel the popularity of spring mix, he said.

“They got excited about Todd’s history in salad as well as in mache,” he said.

During the two cooking segments, Koons explains the various salad greens and their taste profiles and describes the components of a delicious salad. He also discusses the evolution of salad from iceberg to spring mix and then to mache. He also prepares a mache, prosciutto and parsnip chip salad.

Cronin, who attended the filming with Koons, said Stewart and Koons worked well together.

“She was charming, and Todd was great,” he said. “They were funny and had a great rapport.”