(Jan. 30) The recent food safety outbreaks have prompted Testa Produce Inc., a Chicago produce supplier, to organize a produce safety seminar.

The Feb. 20 seminar at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, will feature industry leaders, including personnel from every step of the distribution process, according to a news release. The program is designed to raise awareness about produce safety and proper handling and inform industry members about current and future regulations, according to the release.

“It is unfortunate that it takes major outbreaks to get the public’s attention,” president Peter Testa said in the release. “With all the news media we have now, reporting on every little piece of E. coli and foodborne illness, the need to separate the science from the conjecture is becoming increasingly important.”

For more information, contact Barbara Daly at (312) 226-3237 or visit the company’s Web site, at www.testaproduce.com.