(Oct. 19) ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Chilean Exporters Association, Santiago, Chile, will add the Toronto market to its promotional program during 2004-05.

The association will run its two television commercials in Toronto next year, bringing the number of markets reached to 34 in the U.S. and four in Canada, said marketing manager Gustavo Yentzen.

The group announced its plans Oct. 17 during Fresh Summit 2004.

Yentzen said the 30-second commercials, which have been used intensively for about four years, first ran in only four markets.

The Centuries commercial focuses on Chilean growers’ farming experience. The Natural Wonders ad focuses on the people and country behind Chilean produce. A third commercial, Chilean Summer, which is due out in January 2006, will focus of the seasonality of Chile’s products, Yentzen said.

In addition, the organization plans to continue its fruit, wine and salmon promotion in 2005. The point-of-sale program, which started in 2000, sent 31 couples on vacations in Chile this year.

New for 2005 will be a similar promotion that applies only to Chilean fruit, Yentzen said. The U.S.-only effort will be a sweepstakes tied to retailer club cards.

The exporters association also plans to make some changes in its retailer relations initiatives in 2004-05.

Yentzen said the organization would sponsor more retailer trips to Chile this year. He said five to six retailers would be invited on the trips, whereas in the past three to four were sponsored.

The educational trips are used to promote food safety, packing facilities, growing operations and cold storage facilities in Chile, Yentzen said.