(March 9, 4:40 p.m.) Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands International will be busy next month when it launches several new products.

  • Cynthia Godby, communications specialist, said the company plans to add apple bites with cinnamon creme dip to its healthy snacking product line, joining existing products apple, apple-grape, apple with caramel and carrots with ranch. The date for national launch is April 14.

  • Also on April 14, Chiquita will launch two flavors of pineapple bites — pineapple and pineapple with coconut. The bites will come in single-serving 2.8-ounce pineapple spears, are 100% natural, contain one complete serving of fruit, are 40 calories and have 80% of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C, Godby said.

  • Chiquita also will be transitioning its multipacks into new FridgeFit rigid packaging. The packaging is recyclable, durable and compact and allows consumers to better see product and assess freshness, Godby said.

  • Chiquita frozen fruit smoothie concentrates will be sold in select U.S. retail grocery beginning in April and are being produced through a brand licensing partnership with Old Orchard Brands. The smoothies are all natural, each serving contains at least a half-cup of fruit and 100% of the recommended dietary allowance of vitamin C. Flavors are strawberry banana, banana colada, peach mango and mixed berry.