(Jan. 31) Joel Nelsen is not sure whether he has a front-row seat to President Bush’s State of the Union Address, but as far as he’s concerned, it doesn’t really matter.

“I’m just so excited to have this opportunity,” said Nelsen, president of California Citrus Mutual, Exeter. “I’d love to sit next to Laura (Bush), though.”

Nelsen received his invitation to tonight’s address from Rep. George Radanovich, R-Calif.

Nelsen said he would like to see Bush discuss many topics, chief among those being the president’s proposed guest worker policy.

The House International Relations Subcommittee has urged Bush to abandon his plan.

“Right now we have no systems in place to deal with the issue,” Nelsen said.

As the nation’s largest producer of fruits and vegetables and a state that relies heavily on immigrant workers, California has more of a more vested interest in immigration reform than any other state, he said.

The White House, however, has so far given no indication of whether the issue will come up.

“I’m still looking forward to (attending the address),” Nelsen said.