(Dec. 3, 10:53 a.m.) CLEVELAND — When Cleveland Growers Marketing Co. went out of business in 2007, vendors on the Northern Ohio Food Terminal picked up some of the defunct distributor’s business.

Now that the 100,000-square-foot warehouse in Parma has been sold to a locally-based retail grocery chain, market vendors are hoping for another boost in sales.

“I think they’ll purchase a fair amount of product in fills alone,” said Kenny Kafcsak, general manager for Caito Bros. Cos. Inc., Cleveland. “They’ll put deals together here. They need the market, and the market needs them.”

Parma, Ohio-based Marc Glassman Inc., owner of the 54-store Marc’s discount chain, purchased the Cleveland Growers facility in the first quarter of 2008. There was more good news for the market in July when Glassman hired Ed Tousel, former chief operating officer of Cleveland Growers, to run the facility, which has been renamed MGI Produce.

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Sam Zingale, vice president of the Sanson Co. “He knows what the vendors here are capable of.”

Marc’s stores previously had a sourcing agreement with Indianapolis-based Caito Foods Service Inc.

“It’s good for everyone in northeast Ohio because they’re bringing it back locally,” said Joe Cavalier, co-owner of Cavalier-Gulling-Wilson Co. Inc. and president of the board of the Northern Ohio Food Terminal. “It gives everyone an opportunity, and they have a boatload of stores.”

Tousel declined an interview request.