(May 25) WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Tune into the Discovery Channel June 1 and you’ll find Coastal Berry Co. helping the folks behind the hit shows “Monster Garage” and “Monster House” make a “Big” debut.

A new Discovery series called “Big” features host Big Frank Payne, a big guy who likes everything big, including his appliances. So he challenges a team of designers and builders to make them for him.

In the debut, which was shot in mid-April during the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in Oxnard, Payne and company are in search of a really big blender that can make what could be the world’s biggest strawberry smoothie. The designers have five days to build it.

“It was a really fun thing to be part of,” said John Gargiulo, president and chef executive officer of Coastal.

The Discovery Channel initially called other growers directly asking for donations of strawberries. And because strawberries were bringing in a good price at the time, Discovery was told sure it could have berries — for $10 a box.

“But we saw this as a perfect opportunity for good public relations,” Gargiulo said. “We were happy to donate the berries.”

Eighty boxes of berries, to be precise. That’s about 1,000 pounds of fresh-picked strawberries, said Tim Spreier, chief operating officer of Coastal.

As with all Discovery Channel shows, there is an educational element to “Big,” and grower Terry was a perfect lecturer. Besides being a strawberry grower for Coastal Berry, Terry also teaches economics at California State University, Channel Islands.

When Payne asks Terry to donate berries for a smoothie, the negotiations turn into a humorous field lesson on strawberry growing. In the end, Payne gets his berries for free.

The climax of the show happens as Payne and company combine the strawberries, 500 pounds of bananas, hundreds of gallons of yogurt and a huge block of ice in the giant blender. After the blender was fired up, the watching crowd got to slurp up the smoothies.