Colorful Harvest, Salinas, Calif., is shipping an expanded line of multiple-colored cauliflowers this season.

Though the company started its line of colored cauliflower with orange in 2003, in June Colorful Harvest began offering for the first time purple, green and white, said Douglas McFarland, marketing director.

The colored cauliflower is the company’s own product, McFarland said, and expands the line of specialty products Colorful Harvest is known for.

“It’s a good fit because we’re experts in growing these colored produce items,” McFarland said.

The colored cauliflower is individually wrapped and packed in either full cartons or half-cartons in color combinations, the company said in a news release.

McFarland said the cauliflowers join Colorful Harvest’s sweet red corn, Rainbow Crunch carrots, and violet broccoli as part of the company’s vegetable offerings.  Colorful Harvest is also a year round grower and shipper of berries and melons under the Colorful Harvest and Green Giant Fresh brands.

Colorful Harvest expands colored cauliflower line