(Jan. 11) As of Jan. 1, Farmers Fruit Express Inc., Capitola, Calif., is Awe Sum Organics Inc., reflecting its Awe Sum brand of organic fruit.

“The end of 2007 rolled around, and I just got this idea to change our name,” David Posner, president and chief executive officer, said.

Posner said he started thinking about changing the company’s name less than five years after founding it in 1985.

“Everyone knew us as Awe Sum anyway,” Posner said. “We’re the same exact company, same everything, just with a new name.”

Steve Huffman, former national purchasing team leader for Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market Inc., is now Awe Sum’s chief operations officer.

Huffman was a broker for Scott Hawkins Associates when it was acquired by Whole Foods Inc. He was a buyer with S&S Produce, Los Angeles, before leaving the company with Scott Hawkins to start Scott Hawkins Associates.

Sara Coppenger is the company’s new information technology coordinator and a sales assistant. She worked as a trainer for Famous Software, Fresno, Calif., for four years before coming to Awe Sum Organics.

Company takes name of its Awe Sum brand
Steve Huffman (left) and Sara Coppenger have new jobs with the newly-named Awe Sum Organics Inc.