(March 6) Houston-based Country Fresh Inc. has a new line of organic produce.

The line, launched in March, includes about 70 items, including fresh-cut produce, and is available nationwide, said company spokeswoman Mizuha Nakajima.

Nakajima said Country Fresh previously carried organic produce but its program was limited to Southeastern states.

Now the company is shipping organic produce from its six distribution and processing centers in Florida, Iowa, South Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas. Each center is certified organic.

Whole produce items in the Country Fresh Organic line also are labeled in a manner that helps reduce shrink, Nakajima said.

Each loose fruit or vegetable has a band of tape that includes Price Look-Up information, which is easier for store clerks to see than a traditional PLU sticker.

The tape is easily removed and has not been shown to cause damage to the skin of the fruit.

Country Fresh expands on organics
A new line of organic produce from Country Fresh Inc., Houston, includes both whole and fresh-cut items.